Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations of Athletica 2018 - As per the formulated Rules & Regulations of National Events 2018.

These are essential to conduct the state events smoothly and successfully. The Executive Committee of the ASISC has formulated the following rules and regulations by incorporating the rules and regulations of various sports and games federations of India. These should be strictly adhered to by the Regional Association regions of the national events and the participants.

A. Categories
There shall be Four categories:
  • i) Junior Boys – Under 17
  • ii) Junior Girls – Under 17
  • iii) Senior Boys – Under 19
  • iv) Senior Girls – Under 19
B. Eligibility
a) Age & Status:
  • (i) Juniors: Girls and boys born on or after 01/01/2002 and studying in class 12 or below but not below STD 6.
  • (ii) Seniors: Girls and boys born on or after 01/01/2000 and studying in class 12 or below but not below STD 6.
b) Membership: Participants must be CISCE students from the member schools of ASISC.
c) Documents for verification:
  • (i) Juniors: Photo affixed school ID card with the DOB and the class of study certified by the school Principal.
  • (ii) Seniors: Photo affixed school ID card with the DOB and the class of study certified by the school Principal.
C. General Rules and Guidelines
  • 1. Participants must always have the personal photo identity card, with the Date of Birth and the class of study duly mentioned on it. The same must be presented for scrutiny as and when required.
  • 2. The Eligibility Forms of the participants duly completed must be certified and forwarded by the Principal.
  • 3. The participants/ teams must report and depart as per the schedule of the events. The travel details must be informed to the Host zone well in advance for better arrangements. Any early arrivals or delayed departures will not be the responsibility of the Host.
  • 4. Parents of the participants are not allowed as escorting officials; neither will they be permitted to enter the venue except in the capacity of a spectator.
  • 5. Only those escorts approved by the Principal will be permitted to act on behalf of the participants.
  • 6. Any other escorts other than the manager and the coaches approved by the ASISC will not be catered to by the Host Region.
  • 7. Only the Executive Committee of the ASISC has the authority to amend, modify, change, annul or interpret the rules, regulations and guidelines.
D. General rules for Sports events
  • 1. Sports events will be conducted as per the rules and regulations of the various sports bodies in the country. Yet, in case of necessity, rules may be adapted as per the local needs and situations with the approval of the Sports Committee of the ASISC.
  • 2. The team manager should be present in the meeting of the managers.
  • 3. The team that does not report on time will be disqualified after waiting for 20 minutes from the scheduled time and the opponent will get a 'walk – over'
  • 4. The managers and coaches must ensure the discipline of their respective teams for the smooth conduct of the games.
  • 5. Every member of the team will be compulsorily verified and the eligibility approved by the officials prior to the commencement of each match.
  • 6. There shall be a four member Jury of Appeal consisting of President, Secretary, two members of the EC & a Technical Expert.
  • 7. The Jury of Appeal will deal with all matters of disputes and settle them amicably in all fairness and justice. Its decision shall be final and binding.
  • 8. All matters of dispute must be filed in writing endorsed by the manager and the coach with a fee of Rs. 500/- within 10 minutes of the announcement of the result of the event in question. If the appeal is upheld deposit will be refunded; if not, the total amount will be forfeited. Participants are not permitted to appeal to the jury directly
  • 9. The manager or the coach has to take part in the opening and the closing ceremonies of the Athletic Meet.
  • 10. Participants, coaches, manager or even the whole team may be disqualified or debarred for the following:
    • a) Gross indiscipline in and around the venue.
    • b) Willful destruction of property.
    • c) Misrepresentation.
    • d) Delay tactics.
    • e) Not reporting on stipulated time.
    • f) Consumption of alcohol and other banned substances, smoking, indecency in words and behaviour etc.
    • g) Harassment or disturbance of fellow participants.
E. Points Table - for Athletic Meet
  • Gold Medal – 1st Position – five points
  • Silver Medal – 2nd Position – three points
  • Bronze Medal – 3rd Position – one point
Note: In case of a 'tie' for any position the points will be awarded equally.
Awards & Certificates
  • a) Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the First, Second & Third positions respectively.
  • b) Merit Certificate for the winners and participation certificates for the rest. Both merit and participation certificates will not be awarded to the same participant.
  • c) While preparing the certificates the details given in the Eligibility Form will be considered as final.
F. Individual & Team championships
  • 1) Athletics:
    i. Best athlete in each category. (4)
    ii. Championship in each category. (4)
    iii. Overall Champion. (1)
  • 2) Participants should be prepared for any eventuality during the events such as injury, postponement, change in schedule, collision in schedule, bad weather etc.
  • 3) No participant is to be absent from the venue even if his/her event is not scheduled. Changes will be notified only through the P/A system. No protest will be accepted for missing an event due to unforeseen situations.
  • 4) Teams must adhere to the daily time table for meals etc. without fail.
  • 5) Any shopping, sightseeing etc. will be the sole responsibility of the team escorts only.
  • 6) Team Escorts: Team Manager – 1
    One coach each for each category.
    Any other escorts other than the above mentioned will be charged separately as per the rates decided by the Organizing Committee.
H. Sports Events and their specific rules.

ATHLETICS (for all categories)

  • a) Only two participants in each event can take part from a school in each category.
  • b) One participant can take part in a maximum of three events only, excluding the Relay.
  • c) To be eligible for athletic championship one should have participated both in track and field events.
  • d) Events for the State Athletic Meet :
    • (i) Track events for Boys: 100mtr, 200mtr, 400mtr, 800mtr, 1500mtr, 10mtr Hurdles, 5km walk & 4 x 100mtr Relay.
    • (ii) Field events for Boys: Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, Shot – put, Discus Throw & Javelin Throw.
    • (iii) Track events for girls: 100mtr, 200mtr, 400mtr, 800mtr, 100mtr Hurdles, 3km walk & 4 x 100mtr Relay.
    • (iv) Field events for girls: Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, Shot – put, Discus Throw & Javelin Throw.
    • e) Throws:
      Category Shot Put Discus Throw Javelin Throw
      Junior Girls 4 kg 1 kg 600 gm
      Senior Girls 4 kg 1 kg 600 gm
      Junior Boys 5 kg 1.5 kg 800 gm
      Senior Boys 5 kg 1.5 kg 800 gm
    • f) Hurdles:
      Distance Category Height of Hurdles No. of Flights First Hurdle from the starting point Other Hurdles' Distance Distance from the last Hurdle to the finish
      100mts. Jr. Girls 0.840 m 10 13 m 8.50 m 10.50 m
      100mts. Sr. Girls 0.840 m 10 13 m 8.50 m 10.50 m
      110mts. Jr. Boys 0.914 m 10 13.72 m 9.14 m 14.2 m
      110mts. Sr. Boys 0.914 m 10 13.72 m 9.14 m 14.2 m
    • g) Jumps:
      Category Take off for Triple Jump Take off for Long Jump
      Boys 8 m 1 m
      Girls 7 m 1 m
  • h) All the competitors will be provided with two sets of chest numbers to be worn visibly on his/her chest and back. The size of the numbers shall not exceed 150 mm x 25 mm.
  • I) The Participants should report to the Reporting Booth at the first call. After the third call, no participant will be allowed to participate in that event. In case a participant is unable to report to the reporting booth for a valid reason, he/she should obtain prior permission from the officials through the manager.
  • j) The Referee and the officials in charge of conducting the events should brief the participants before the commencement of each event. They should clearly instruct the participants regarding the track or lane rules, changing the track, pushing or tripping the competitors which will eventually lead to disqualification from a particular event or events.
  • k) Some of the events require heats to select the participants for the finals. The timings, and not the position at the heats, will decide the quali
  • l) The track umpires are assistants to the referee, without the power of decision.
  • m) The participants may use spikes and starters. No participant will be allowed to run bare – foot.
p) Officials
1. Field Director 11. Announcers
2. Field Marshal 12. Funnel Steward
3. Referee 13. Result Recorder
4. Medical Officer 14. Time Keepers
5. Track Judges 15. Final Controller
6. Judge's Steward 16. Final Judge & Recorder
7. Time Keeper 17. Technical Manager
8. Competitors' Steward 18. Press Steward
9. Starter 19. Event Store - Keeper
10. Umpires & Scorers 20. Jury of Appeal