Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations - KERALA


SGFI Rules & Regulations

  1. Only the students who are selected from the CISCE nationals and have received mail from the Council to that effect will represent CISCE in the SGFI games.
  2. All the students who will be selected for the SGFI games need to send three sets of SGFI Eligibility forms duly attested by Principal of the concerned school along with attested copies of Birth certificate, Aadhar card and the previous year's report/mark sheet directly to Mr. Arijit Basu, Deputy Secretary (Finance), Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. P 35 and 36, Pushp Vihar, Sector 6, New Delhi- 110017 positively within seven days from the completion of the event at the National Level.
  3. For all the students who will be representing Council at the SGFI, it will be mandatory to have an insurance cover of Rs. 1 lakh (Accidental and Medical insurance both). The details of such policy should be shared along with the SGFI eligibility form as mentioned in point ii above. Any selected student without the insurance cover will not be allowed to participate in the SGFI events.
  4. Any student who has been selected to represent the CISCE in the SGFI games cannot represent his/her Home State at a later stage. Any such case brought to the notice of the Council will be liable for strict action including debarment from participation in any Council organized sports event for a minimum period of two years. It is the duty of the Principal to intimate the CISCE about the non- participation of any selected student ten days in advance so that the absent player can be substituted with the Standby/reserve player.
  5. CISCE will conduct Conditioning camps prior to the main event at SGFI in case of team games like Hockey, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Throwball, Kabaddi and KhoKho. It will be mandatory for the selected students to participate in the conditioning camp. It will be the responsibility of the concerned schools to arrange for the transportation of the selected students to reach the venue of the camp/ SGFI games. CISCE will pay for the registration and food at the camp/SGFI. Any student who does not want to use the accommodation provided can arrange his/her own accommodation after taking permission from the concerned coach/manager appointed by Council. No expenses in this regard will be borne by Council.
  6. Any Coach/Manager who has been nominated as CISCE coach/manager for the SGFI games has to mandatorily fulfill his/her obligation. If the assignment as offered is rejected without adequate reason (like hospitalization or serious illness) such coach/manager will be debarred from participation in any sporting event of CISCE for the next two years.