Association of Schools For Indian School Certificate - Kerala Region

35th Cultural Competitions



For overall championship all the items marked as literary events in the National handbook will not be calculated. From this year onwards we will have only creative writing instead of essay writing.

Rules and Regulations

1 Registration Only online registration will be accepted
2 Participation Only one candidate from each school will be allowed to participate in one item, in each Category but a candidate can take part in two items, including the group items.
3 Dress Participants will not be allowed to wear their school uniform.

Selection of Piece and Timing

a i) Declamation : English and Malayalam
ii) Recitation : English, Malayalam & Hindi
Choice of passage is left to the participants, but no passage from fictions or dramas is permitted (4 minutes)
Only poetry pieces will be allowed (3 to 5 minutes)
b Extempore Speech
note: The contestants will speak on the same topic and will be given 5 mts to prepare. They are expected to speak for 3 to 5 mts.
English & Malayalam ( 3 to 5 minutes)


Food Requirement

Mention the total number for each category.
Kindly copy the same format and attach it with the list of participants.



Accommodation will be provided on request. Class room accommodation will be given in the host school for Rs 50/- per student. Dormitory is available in the K.E. school, Mannanam, Kottayam for Rs 100/- + tax if booked in advance.

Contact Person:

Vamana Kammath
Ph: 9495378036

For Transportation

Jilu Cyriac
Ph: 9847992684

Special Note

For any clarification regarding ‘Rangotsav – 2019’

Please contact :

Mrs.Bincy Santhosh
Mob: 9526913399